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This demo is still early in development. The enemy AI is poor and content is short so don't get your hopes up. Any feedback is appreciated.

no gameplay changes have been altered since last demo day

The newest changes are:

  • new font
  • redone boar sprite


A & D: move left and right

W: interact

J: melee attack

K: magic attack

L: dash

space bar: jump

s & space bar: jump down platform

esc: menu


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Within the Green DD19.zip 11 MB
DD17_WithinTheGreen.zip 11 MB
Within the Green DD16 updated.zip 11 MB
Within the Green DD16.zip 45 MB


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Why am I forced to move a set distance by the lightest touch of a movement key? It's very awkward to use and it affects jumps. There's no drawbacks to spamming magic attack as of now, so very little reason to ever step in melee range for the sole exception of when bats actually manage to get near you through your magical sword barrage. Settings menu(graphics, keybinds, etc) would be good. I have not ran into any bugs so that's alright. Not much else to say given how much content there is in this demo, at least the character looks cute. Good luck.